Doggy Dos by Lisa 2008 Grooming Glossary

BT (Bath and Tidy):

It's not always necessary to give a complete haircut at every visit. I provide a service called a Bath and Tidy. A Bath and Tidy consists of: bath, blow dry, brushed and combed, nails trimmed, cleaning of the ears, clearing hair from the groin and bum, light trim on the feet and feathering's, and cleaning up around the eyes and face.

BT+HS (Bath and Tidy plus a Hand Strip):

As above, but also includes a light hand strip of the saddle.

Kennel Clip:

A kennel clip leaves the entire body one length, leaving the head, face, and tail to scissor clip. Kennel clips are clipper cut from 1/4" down to 1/16" finished length. Clips shorter than 1/16" are only performed on extremely matted dogs when there is no other alternative.

Teddy Bear:

A Teddy Bear cut is scissor cut 1/2" or longer and gives the dog that "long and fluffy" look.

Breed Clip:

Breed Clips are breed specific cuts and are either scissored or clipper cut as required.

Hand Strip:

Handstripping is generally done on wire coat breeds and involves pulling the dead hair out, instead of clipping, with a special stripping knife so a new wire coat can grow in. Although it may sound painful, I assure you, when done properly, it is not. Wire hair is not attached like our own hair or breeds with other types of coats. Tender areas, such as bellies, will be clipped instead of stripped.

Stripping maintains a proper wire coat. Clipping will make the coat soft and ruin the texture. It grows thicker and becomes softer and often changes colour, for example a black coat will change silvery.