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Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should my pet be groomed?

That depends on the type and/or condition of your pet's coat. However, a general rule of thumb is every 4 to 8 weeks.

My pet's coat is matted can you comb it out?

If the coat has some minor matting, yes it may be possible to work it out. However, if your pet is heavily matted then he/she will have to be shaved down. Working out severe matting is extremely painful to the dog.

How long will it take to groom my pet?

Many larger salons have bathers and groomers so they are able to groom more pets faster. I work alone, depending on the behavior of your pet and the condition of their coat the typical grooming takes from 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

What will it cost to get my pet groomed here?

Rates depend on a number of factors, the breed of your pet, their behavior, the condition of their coat, and the style of cut requested. My pricelist will give you the base price for your pet in select styles. A personal consultation will give you a more precise price for grooming your pet.